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Monday, May 24, 2010

Absence of mind

Our life, thought to have meaning beyond comparison. Our goal to reach greatness, to acheive a higher light. Following a path we see sucssessful. The Eternal dream we strive for; few have achieved while countless failed. A rapture would be compared to our cyle of life. Birth>>Life>>Death>>Rebirth. we live an eternity in a cycle of unbroken bonds, chains that link the cycle together. Our one goal is to achieve beyond what a human can, to prove that it is possible if we try. Humans are stubborn and never give up, continuing the fight for a cause that not even we understand. Our instinct to be more than what we are, maybe it is subconcious thought, that maybe if we acheive we will break the cycle, achieve death without rebirth, to stay a being who has acheived and left out of the cycle of rapture. This is only thought, not fully develped thesis so stay posted.
"The rapture and the cycle of life are only seperated by name"

Otike no sawa- The followers of truth

Inside look

My eyes; a puzzle

Emotions; puzzle pieces

All mixed up; can’t decide

I tell myself

I am unique

The words lost

The endless abyss

Spans beyond

My mind

I know who I am

I loose myself

Forget who I am

The part of my mind

I dare not walk

Hatred; sadness; negative emotion

Remain dormant

Mental walls

Made to protect

Have to be broken

To find myself

I fear

I can never be found

Frequent battles

Keep my mind in control

A battle

I must win

To keep my sanity

The struggle; fight and war

I cannot win without loosing

My true fear

Once I lose

I won’t rise

Will I reclaim my throne?

Swallowed by doubt

The endless will “end”

I will meet a fate



I change

Walk were I feared

Beyond boundaries


My purpose

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The relationship between gods a humans

Humans, Defined by stupidity, recognized by greed. We push fourth with no consequence, but what lies behind the tracks of our feet is what we left behind. The dreams, the love, the community, our interactions only perceived as meaningless words, we have long forgotten what it means to be true, to believe in something that doesn’t make any sense, yet we believe so in an unusual way. The belief in a god, humans do not believe in god, humans believe in what god can do for them and not what they can do for themselves. If god was prayed too, and nothing happened, would you still pray? I have never heard of someone who prayed to god just to pray. I have only heard prayers of desires, beliefs in divinity, peace and “Righteous acts” done in his name. “In the name of god”, that very phrase sickens me, in the name of god I smite you, and may the lord have mercy on your soul. This sickens me because we are blaming god for a man or woman’s death. Humans need god, because they need reason, reason only comes from the belief that we can kill in someone else’s name. God is only a figure; Prayers are only heard by coincidence. You pray to god to find a job. You find a job and you thank him and still pray for more. The only reason the job was presented because you searched for it, he didn’t lay a path, you did, by giving yourself false belief that someone has a plan for you. There is no plan, because the plan is what you make it. Humans rely to heavily on godly figures instead of believing they create there own paths. Believing in god isn’t a belief, it’s a false faith derived from our greed to obtain a played out path, a path we believe leads to greatness.

“Humans; on the edge of a rapture find time to be greedy”