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Monday, May 24, 2010

Inside look

My eyes; a puzzle

Emotions; puzzle pieces

All mixed up; can’t decide

I tell myself

I am unique

The words lost

The endless abyss

Spans beyond

My mind

I know who I am

I loose myself

Forget who I am

The part of my mind

I dare not walk

Hatred; sadness; negative emotion

Remain dormant

Mental walls

Made to protect

Have to be broken

To find myself

I fear

I can never be found

Frequent battles

Keep my mind in control

A battle

I must win

To keep my sanity

The struggle; fight and war

I cannot win without loosing

My true fear

Once I lose

I won’t rise

Will I reclaim my throne?

Swallowed by doubt

The endless will “end”

I will meet a fate



I change

Walk were I feared

Beyond boundaries


My purpose

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