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Monday, May 24, 2010

Absence of mind

Our life, thought to have meaning beyond comparison. Our goal to reach greatness, to acheive a higher light. Following a path we see sucssessful. The Eternal dream we strive for; few have achieved while countless failed. A rapture would be compared to our cyle of life. Birth>>Life>>Death>>Rebirth. we live an eternity in a cycle of unbroken bonds, chains that link the cycle together. Our one goal is to achieve beyond what a human can, to prove that it is possible if we try. Humans are stubborn and never give up, continuing the fight for a cause that not even we understand. Our instinct to be more than what we are, maybe it is subconcious thought, that maybe if we acheive we will break the cycle, achieve death without rebirth, to stay a being who has acheived and left out of the cycle of rapture. This is only thought, not fully develped thesis so stay posted.
"The rapture and the cycle of life are only seperated by name"

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