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Monday, March 8, 2010

The Fire Poe

The fierce purge raging fourth, from the pinnacle of thought, it spikes forward igniting a burnt out candle. Fear overbearing arises from the depths of hollows; a hideous sight, brushing the eye with fire; irritating with slight ignition. The fire purges fourth like a raging bull, screaming fire; fear peers through from peripherals. The screams heard from distance beyond the ear. The canal of thought flowing with the weight of pressure, falling below the dial he conceives a scream. He feels around for his self, not found; fire screams, the fire feeds, it ignites. Plain sight blocked by mist; the essence of human stupidity; Crowded by blocks of stupidity. His sight forever lost in the fires of Detria. Where He has felled, is where he shall be fallen. Lost beyond borders, not in the fires but in the smoke…
He drifts through the sea of mist. His fallen is owned, no longer just lingering at the pinnacle. He has been uprooted, his truth still lost in the fires. He retains sanity, but his lust burn; it seers creating a smell that fears the senses. Going crazed, almost ecstasy; the ultimate pleasure. Articulate in nature, u finds a way to burn. To use fire as will- rage, and love. Burning sensation melds away all pains, flowing through like the nirvana of life. The river of spiritual life, splashing ever so elegantly, is pleasing the eye. Visually orgasmic, a light so bright, the foundations of thought were they stand are falling, into columns of stupidity, the tide has turned and the burning becomes the burned.
The fires enrage a new sector of prosperity. The river is now unbalanced, we have all feared what has been lost in this abyss of mind. So dark and untouched by light; so peaceful, it screams with silence. Nothing is heard, its thoughts recalculating, he reluctantly turns to the dark, he forces his anger. Using built up fuel, he ran from fire. With no effort he got away, the light has vanished; the darkness reclaims what is rightfully theirs. This is the simple contradiction of stupidity of the human race. the brains with thoughts; more useless than two piles of shit. The thought has been wasted and the fire will burn this pathetic timeline, for I the fire have forsaken the darkness, to be thy enemies. We shared humanities together, but my fire decides to be fueled by rage, you by sadness. We both felled, we both have fallen, the kingdom now burned both in fire and in darkness.

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