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Monday, March 8, 2010

Human Contridictory

In the end of days, to this darkness, of false thought. We would perish over an inevitable death. Trying to fight for it is meaningless. Yet it provides us with too great of an enlightenment. Putting such things away is a possible way to say… impossible. Its quite ironic how we all chase after our purpose yet it runs away from us just the same. Something impossible to get, one must wonder, can we really obtain this ordanace as if it were an appliance to ones own existence. Pushing forward with such wonder, you take a pull of reality and get the “high” of mist. The essence of human contradiction, We bound ourselves into believing we have nothing to live for. but Somewere along the lines we realize we are existent and decide to protect it. Our own existence is both a tumor in the essence of reality, but the most contradictorily nonsense ever known to be perceived. Its funny, if only it can be just as easily put together as we take it apart. We would probably starve and feed on existence till were eating a leg or an arm… final thoughts are, false sense of direction, human contradictory and why we think of ourselves.

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