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Monday, March 8, 2010

Instinct- survival

In the reality of it all, a man can be sent to prison for just attempting murder, and go to jail for just killing the person. The irony of it all is that you can get more time in prison if you were to attempt murder then you were to if you actually killed the person. Maybe in a sense this shows mental justice for the judged, I mean maybe it says then when u attempt to kill someone you have the potential to continue to try until you are self gratified with your actions. If you would to kill maybe it goes to show that you satisfied your hunger and put that into perspective. This makes sense if you put in that coherent matter but if you tried to justify it any other way it would just come out as gibberish, or so the United States law system makes it to be so. So as a self act to commit this murder and feed the urge to survive, you must wonder what drove him into madness. Racial ethnics also play a part in the role of murder believe it or not, it’s the fact that we must walk on different turfs, in modern day society we all are dived yet we are all the in perfect sync. A world in which no one combines yet interact with no problem at all, in the brink of extinction a human’s one and only instinct is to survive. To survive is to preserve and that is base instinct so a rather intriguing question to ask about murder is. Would you kill to survive?
"Instinct is a way of preservation, not a survival technique"

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