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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Truth of selfbeing

I am a puzzle, with many pieces blank, those blanks are often filled with the lies that people put in them, they think they know what person we are, they try to understand a puzzle with missing pieces, a story with only half of its pages. people will never understand, our preservation, we lock our hearts to stop others from hurting us, but the true reality is, we lock our hearts to protect them from us. behind out shield, behind all locks, behind all the doors, is a beast, a thing, that is truly us, we hide behind a mask to hide this thing, we do it subconsciously and sometimes purposely, to all, do not attempt to understand what is not understandable, you perception towards us is based on lies based on your opinion, nothing more

"Putting a puzzle together, with many pieces missing; is a journey that cannot be fulfilled"

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  1. Good stuff, Mike! Very interesting, and existential. I'm looking forward to reading more.

    A little dark, though, no? LoL....