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Monday, March 8, 2010

Great war(Drafting)

A great war, an epic calamity befalls the skies. Raining down arrows from the army of kaln; they light there arrows and aim for heads. Screams befall as the army runs around ablaze. The 2nd resistant battalion was now ready for there strike. The orders were sung as the soldiers listened, they raised there swords; raging the battle cries as they charged to the front lines. The army of Ragnis charged as the armies of kaln readied the bows.
In the midst of Great War
Few stood against many
Swords clashed; screams cried
Blood was shed, both of the enemy
And themselves
They prayed to their gods
And screamed there loved ones
Into the air
As they were slain
The army of Ragnis had prevailed
They had won a part, but the whole was still far from filled
Now they mourn over the lost, and fight for their lost cause
In the fires of datrex, there souls will be purified.

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