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Monday, March 8, 2010

The Will of a Man

You would think that with so much to live for "Men" would try harder. we sit back expecting destiny to fall on our laps, and fret when it rains in pieces and makes itself unclear. we are so determined to know what our future is, but we try nothing to see it. as if the future we a brick wall and all we wanted was a window to see through it. would it be possible to see what we desire and what we want it to be, or is it just to great of an enlightenment of things to come. i wonder, if destiny is so "Great" why do we chase after it and it runs away from us just the same. WILDLY ironic if you ask me, if only someone could fully realize the truth of what it is. destiny reveals itself in bits and pieces over the courses of our lives, but it only fully shows the picture when our time has run up. so maybe our inevitable destiny is not to figure it out, but to struggle and wait till it comes to us, which is most likely before death.

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