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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Truth of selfbeing

I am a puzzle, with many pieces blank, those blanks are often filled with the lies that people put in them, they think they know what person we are, they try to understand a puzzle with missing pieces, a story with only half of its pages. people will never understand, our preservation, we lock our hearts to stop others from hurting us, but the true reality is, we lock our hearts to protect them from us. behind out shield, behind all locks, behind all the doors, is a beast, a thing, that is truly us, we hide behind a mask to hide this thing, we do it subconsciously and sometimes purposely, to all, do not attempt to understand what is not understandable, you perception towards us is based on lies based on your opinion, nothing more

"Putting a puzzle together, with many pieces missing; is a journey that cannot be fulfilled"

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The king has fallen

He stands to his kingdom; watching it burn to the ground. Screams of agony and ternary fill the dusk air; gloom glides the surface of the waking world. Pain strikes into the heart of many; sadness is presented, the kind that cannot be renewed. The king cry’s out as he is struck from the back with an arrow made with the deadly poison of an arker. The king falls but does not die; he readied his sword in wait for the beasts to approach there; he lay anchor to the beasts hearts, the crying savages fall to the ground one by one, the king does not lose his will. Slowly dying from the poison, he roars a mighty roar pushing it into the air; it shall be heard for centuries. The dying king falls to a knee; gasping for air. In his divine throne the king shall fall he thought, soon after a snicker felled upon his face. The king laughs in contempt; he decides he shall not fall without a fight. He states he shall not fall before his kingdom but his kingdom shall fall before him. The leader of the Arkerester tribe rushes in, there battle cries can be heard; the king rises from his knees, he stands guard. His sword steady, his heart calm, his breath controlled and his eyes focused. The beasts smashed through the throne room door letting out many cries of intimidation towards the king. The king does not flinch; instead he reacts. He steadies himself waiting for the moment to strike. The leader announces and a Dosakie no urin; a one on one match. He claims his power absolute. The king does not fret, the king accepts this challenge; sword first he rushes to the arker king and the swords clash. In an appealing light show the swords sparks are dazzled and almost bewitching to all those who dare lay their eyes upon the kings. The kings both tired from previous battles; both remove their armor to end the fight quickly. In one final swing the king triumphs, his battle cry brings joy to the people of detria, the battle is won, the war has halted. The battle will be forgotten, the war will be lost in history, and the king’s legacy shall forever remain.


A boy with a dream is a "Man" with ambition but a boy with no future is a "Man" in denial.
"All shall have purpose, for it is something that exists"


Being Free Justified that we have grabbed the air we breath; that we are not choking on the chains that the air conceals.to put fourth in a righteous act without having a bound to any higher power but freewill. A deed in which we can truly justify as our own, to take pleasure in a deed performed by hands not forged from the society of Neanderthals. we are modern, but feels as if freedom is wasted, not enjoyed. we perceive our freedom as getting a job or having an apartment; i wonder what happened to the freedom of speech. so hostile nowadays, yet it feels as though this cycle has came before and is only repeating itself.

" Appreciate your humanism, while your mind stays sane"

Monday, March 8, 2010


In an essence of greater power, to those in power; are they not in power because they have justified what it is to be a ruler. a person who has yet to offend the people but instead has appealed to its better nature, typically and technically saying, a follower is stronger than the king.

Human Contridictory

In the end of days, to this darkness, of false thought. We would perish over an inevitable death. Trying to fight for it is meaningless. Yet it provides us with too great of an enlightenment. Putting such things away is a possible way to say… impossible. Its quite ironic how we all chase after our purpose yet it runs away from us just the same. Something impossible to get, one must wonder, can we really obtain this ordanace as if it were an appliance to ones own existence. Pushing forward with such wonder, you take a pull of reality and get the “high” of mist. The essence of human contradiction, We bound ourselves into believing we have nothing to live for. but Somewere along the lines we realize we are existent and decide to protect it. Our own existence is both a tumor in the essence of reality, but the most contradictorily nonsense ever known to be perceived. Its funny, if only it can be just as easily put together as we take it apart. We would probably starve and feed on existence till were eating a leg or an arm… final thoughts are, false sense of direction, human contradictory and why we think of ourselves.

Instinct- survival

In the reality of it all, a man can be sent to prison for just attempting murder, and go to jail for just killing the person. The irony of it all is that you can get more time in prison if you were to attempt murder then you were to if you actually killed the person. Maybe in a sense this shows mental justice for the judged, I mean maybe it says then when u attempt to kill someone you have the potential to continue to try until you are self gratified with your actions. If you would to kill maybe it goes to show that you satisfied your hunger and put that into perspective. This makes sense if you put in that coherent matter but if you tried to justify it any other way it would just come out as gibberish, or so the United States law system makes it to be so. So as a self act to commit this murder and feed the urge to survive, you must wonder what drove him into madness. Racial ethnics also play a part in the role of murder believe it or not, it’s the fact that we must walk on different turfs, in modern day society we all are dived yet we are all the in perfect sync. A world in which no one combines yet interact with no problem at all, in the brink of extinction a human’s one and only instinct is to survive. To survive is to preserve and that is base instinct so a rather intriguing question to ask about murder is. Would you kill to survive?
"Instinct is a way of preservation, not a survival technique"

Great war(Drafting)

A great war, an epic calamity befalls the skies. Raining down arrows from the army of kaln; they light there arrows and aim for heads. Screams befall as the army runs around ablaze. The 2nd resistant battalion was now ready for there strike. The orders were sung as the soldiers listened, they raised there swords; raging the battle cries as they charged to the front lines. The army of Ragnis charged as the armies of kaln readied the bows.
In the midst of Great War
Few stood against many
Swords clashed; screams cried
Blood was shed, both of the enemy
And themselves
They prayed to their gods
And screamed there loved ones
Into the air
As they were slain
The army of Ragnis had prevailed
They had won a part, but the whole was still far from filled
Now they mourn over the lost, and fight for their lost cause
In the fires of datrex, there souls will be purified.

The Will of a Man

You would think that with so much to live for "Men" would try harder. we sit back expecting destiny to fall on our laps, and fret when it rains in pieces and makes itself unclear. we are so determined to know what our future is, but we try nothing to see it. as if the future we a brick wall and all we wanted was a window to see through it. would it be possible to see what we desire and what we want it to be, or is it just to great of an enlightenment of things to come. i wonder, if destiny is so "Great" why do we chase after it and it runs away from us just the same. WILDLY ironic if you ask me, if only someone could fully realize the truth of what it is. destiny reveals itself in bits and pieces over the courses of our lives, but it only fully shows the picture when our time has run up. so maybe our inevitable destiny is not to figure it out, but to struggle and wait till it comes to us, which is most likely before death.

The Fire Poe

The fierce purge raging fourth, from the pinnacle of thought, it spikes forward igniting a burnt out candle. Fear overbearing arises from the depths of hollows; a hideous sight, brushing the eye with fire; irritating with slight ignition. The fire purges fourth like a raging bull, screaming fire; fear peers through from peripherals. The screams heard from distance beyond the ear. The canal of thought flowing with the weight of pressure, falling below the dial he conceives a scream. He feels around for his self, not found; fire screams, the fire feeds, it ignites. Plain sight blocked by mist; the essence of human stupidity; Crowded by blocks of stupidity. His sight forever lost in the fires of Detria. Where He has felled, is where he shall be fallen. Lost beyond borders, not in the fires but in the smoke…
He drifts through the sea of mist. His fallen is owned, no longer just lingering at the pinnacle. He has been uprooted, his truth still lost in the fires. He retains sanity, but his lust burn; it seers creating a smell that fears the senses. Going crazed, almost ecstasy; the ultimate pleasure. Articulate in nature, u finds a way to burn. To use fire as will- rage, and love. Burning sensation melds away all pains, flowing through like the nirvana of life. The river of spiritual life, splashing ever so elegantly, is pleasing the eye. Visually orgasmic, a light so bright, the foundations of thought were they stand are falling, into columns of stupidity, the tide has turned and the burning becomes the burned.
The fires enrage a new sector of prosperity. The river is now unbalanced, we have all feared what has been lost in this abyss of mind. So dark and untouched by light; so peaceful, it screams with silence. Nothing is heard, its thoughts recalculating, he reluctantly turns to the dark, he forces his anger. Using built up fuel, he ran from fire. With no effort he got away, the light has vanished; the darkness reclaims what is rightfully theirs. This is the simple contradiction of stupidity of the human race. the brains with thoughts; more useless than two piles of shit. The thought has been wasted and the fire will burn this pathetic timeline, for I the fire have forsaken the darkness, to be thy enemies. We shared humanities together, but my fire decides to be fueled by rage, you by sadness. We both felled, we both have fallen, the kingdom now burned both in fire and in darkness.